Petition to get a Pre-K for Central Cambria School District/Jackson Elementary

Petition to get a Pre-K for Central Cambria School District/Jackson Elementary

18 have signed. Let’s get to 25!

Why this petition matters

Started by Emily Cameron

Hello my name is Emily. My husband Jason and I are parents of a bright and talented almost three year old little girl. I am writing this petition in the hope that I can get Central Cambria School District/Jackson Elementary School within Cambria County Pennsylvania a Universal Pre-K, because currently they do not have one. 

This is what I found out from talking to the district. The school district would love to have a Pre-K but they are being denied funding to have one from our state. 

I did some further research and Central Cambria/Jackson Elementary has a group called, Head Start that uses local school buildings including both of theirs. Head Start is not a Universal Pre-k with the school district. It is a completely separate group set apart from the school itself. Not everyone is eligible it’s based on income. Check it out the website link that I provided for you and you will see what I mean.  I created this petition to get our school district a universal pre-k with the school.

We as parents would love to see our daughter attend Central Cambria School/Jackson Elementary district in a pre-k that will get her ready for a full day of education of kindergarten.  These pre-k are made up of half days getting every kid ready for the full day the following year in kindergarten, along with certified teachers. 

After doing more research to make sure she gets the best education I found out that there is another school in the Indiana County area with an excellent pre-k that she might have a chance to get into, but only if there is a spot left for her, since she is not in that county. So I ask one good question... If that school district has a pre-k why can't our district? 

After adding your signature and sharing this petition to everyone you know I ask that you do more than just signing your name. Help me out and make a few phone calls one to Frank Burns (814)-472-8021 and another Wayne Langerholc Jr. (814) 205-6105. Express to them the importance of a  universal pre-k. Tell them that there should be absolutely no excuse for school to be denied funding over education, especially pre-k. 

Remember the more people that sign this petition that make an effort to call improves our chances for getting Central Cambria School District a Universal Pre-K. 

We are the voices for our kids and we can make a huge difference for our kids. Lets get this done Central Cambria. Thank You! 


18 have signed. Let’s get to 25!