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Petition to Free Lynne Stewart: Save Her Life - Release Her Now!

There is a new petition for Lynne Stewart to support her re-application for compassionate release. Please go today to this new link to sign the new petition. Your letter will be sent right away to Bureau of Prisons Director Samuels and to Attorney General Holder.

Your action now can lead to her freedom so that she may live out her remaining days with the comfort and joy of her family and those closest to her, including her devoted husband Ralph Poynter, many children, grandchildren, a great grandchild and lifelong friends.


For more information, go to

Write to Lynne Stewart at:
Lynne Stewart #53504-054

Federal Medical Center, Carswell
PO Box 27137
Fort Worth, TX 76127

This petition was delivered to:
  • Director, Federal Bureau of Prisons
    Charles E. Samuels, Jr.
  • Attorney General, United States
    Eric H. Holder, Jr.

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