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Petitioning Senator Thad Cochran and 6 others

Petition to Federally Regulate Organ Harvesting in the U.S.A.

I (we) have concerns about:

The alleged use of organs taken from accident victims, hospital patients, morgues, funeral homes & graves without the prior written and legal consent of family member to the victim(s). 

I (we) have concerns about:

The bone, tissue, body parts and organ harvesting industry not being regulated on state or federal levels to date making theft of said organs, bones, tissue and body parts a wide open black market for criminals to profit from financially.

I (we) condemn any such practices unreservedly.

I (we) call for urgent, open and independent investigation into all hospitals, prisons, detention centers and labor camps by the United States Department of Government Ethics, World Health Organisation, Department of Justice and other relevant international organisations.

All signed statements will be compiled and sent to the United Nations, World Health Organisation, United States Department of Government Ethics and relevant international organisations.

Letter to
Senator Thad Cochran
Senator Roger Wicker
Representative Travis Childers
and 4 others
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
Mississippi Governor
I am petitioning for legislation on a federal level as well as investigations into the secret world wide business of illegal bone, tissue, body parts and organ harvesting.

In 2000, I was fired & banned from the largest non-metropolitan charity hospital in the United States of America after questioning unfair employment practices and ethics. I filed suit against this organization, was re-hired for a period of two months and then ultimately terminated and banned for life from the hospital as well as every government affiliated business associated and/or connected to this so-called charity, tax exempt health care organization.

It is my firm belief I was terminated & banned in an effort to silence me immediately after I questioned several employee's in the ER about a refrigerator full of body parts, organs, bones and tissue. I further believe hospital administrator's manipulated employment records & documents in an effort to reduce risk of public attention & legal actions in which I informed hospital CEO Dr. Jeff Barber & Director of Human Resources would be taken by myself. Dr. Jeff Barber was terminated within a few months upon my filing lawsuit along with a dozen other hospital employee's. Two high profile Mississippi millionaire attorneys I turned to for help are now in prison. These and other questions remain by myself and others. If something illegal was not taking place in the hospital in December of 1999, then why was I forced into a private room, interrogated by administrative officers, threatened & told to forget about the body parts I saw? Death threats followed.

Since 2000, I have investigated the secret world of illegal organ harvesting while contacting hundreds of investigator's, reporters & news media outlets via fax, telephone & internet connection all over the United States and I am confident that my research, countless court hearings & tireless efforts to take a stand, make sense & expose this horror has contributed to class action lawsuits & investigations all over the United States of America thus bringing criminals such as Michael Mastromarino to Justice.

Why should the lives & careers of innocent people be at risk and/or destroyed due to legal loop holes and an industry which is yet to be regulated by our federal government?

I urge you today to take action and help pass House Bill 6631 into law making it illegal to remove, distribute, buy or sell any bones, tissue, body parts or organs from any person(s) in the United States of America before and/or after victim's death.

Thank you in advance & God bless.

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