Petition to deny Z-8-22-1 & GPA-RV-1 the request to rezone land at Jenny Lin Rd. E of I-17

Petition to deny Z-8-22-1 & GPA-RV-1 the request to rezone land at Jenny Lin Rd. E of I-17

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Rio Vista Village Planner Julianna Pierre

Why this petition matters

Started by Laurie Ricci

Please sign this petition asking the city of Phoenix to deny this zoning change. Protect our rural lifestyle. 

The subject site is approximately 114.5 acres of vacant land located east of I-17 between Circle Mountain Road and Jenny Lin Road (the “Property”). 

The property consists of 14 parcels, Maricopa County APNs 202-22-001B, -001C, -001D, -003D, -003F, -003G, -003H, -003J, -003K, -003L, -003M, - 002B, -002C, and -002.  The Property is currently zoned a blend of S-1, C-2 and C-3 per zoning case Z-103-07. There are also portions which are still within Maricopa County and zoned RU-43.   

The Property’s General Plan land use designation is both Commercial and Residential 3.5 to 5.   

To the north of the Property is Jenny Line Road, and then wildcat county properties zoned RU-43; to the east is vacant State Land; to the west is the I-17 freeway and then homes zoned R1-6; and to the south is Circle Mountain Road, then an outdoor storage facility (zoned C-3 and C-2 in the City of Phoenix, and County lands zoned RU-43 ).
Rezoning and General Plan Amendment Requests

The applicant seeks to rezone the Property from S-1 (9 acres), C-2 and C-3 (90.8 acres), and RU-43 County (14.7 acres) to R-2 (66.51 acres), R-3 (32.07 acres) and R-3A (20.5 acres) for the development of a new, master planned residential community that includes a mix of single-family homes for sale and rental communities. 


A General Plan Amendment is filed as a companion case with this request. The General Plan Amendment proposes a change from Commercial and Residential (3.5 to 5 du/ac) to Residential (10 to 15 du/ac), Residential (15 + du/acre), and Residential (5 to 10 du/acre).
Applicant's Representative
 If you have any questions about the request, you may also reach Adam Baugh at Withey Morris, PLC  at or 602-230-0600. 

You may also submit a comment or questions at the Contact Us page. 
City of Phoenix Staff
The Rio Vista Village Planner assigned to this case is Julianna Pierre, who may be reached at 602-534-5829 or Ms. Pierre will be able to answer your questions regarding the city review and hearing process and, once it is completed, the staff position on the request.  

You may also write the city at Phoenix Planning & Development Department, 200 West Washington Street, 2nd Floor, Phoenix, Arizona 85003.  Please be sure to reference the rezoning case numbers so your comments may be included in the case files.
Virtual Neighborhood Meeting
We are holding a virtual neighborhood meeting to discuss the rezoning and general plan amendment proposal on March 17, 2022 at 5:30 p.m.   

We will make a live presentation via web conference during which we will describe the application and requests.  After the presentation, participants will be able to submit questions the development team will answer via live webcam.   

To participate in the meeting, please email Hannah Bleam at and request a link to the meeting.   The only way to access the meeting will be via the link from Ms. Bleam.

216 have signed. Let’s get to 500!