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IT is a historical fact that the Democrat Party is deeply rooted in the history of slavery and oppressing Black people and other races. Democrats supported the use and exploitation of Black slaves in America. Democrats use to beat and injure Black slaves. Democrats use to rape Black slave women. Democrats use to break up Black slave families and sell off children never to be seen again.

Democrats started the Civil War, which ended up killing 650,000 people. The President of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis, was a Democrat. A Democrat killed President Lincoln, after he freed the slaves of the South. After the Civil War, Democrats implemented segregation and Jim Crow laws to oppress Blacks. Democrats helped to create the Klu Klux Klan (KKK) to terrorize Blacks further.

Democrats then opposed attempts to end desegregation. Democrats demanded that Rosa Parks sit at the back of the bus. Democrats threw objects at and tried to kill Martin Luther King for marching against mass resistance. Democrats opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Democrats were against interracial marriages. Democrats promoted abortion in Black communities to curb the population.

Democrat Governor George Wallace was a proud segregationist who even eventually ran for US President. Democrat Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia who served in the US Senate for 50 years was a former KKK member. And David Duke ran for US President in the Democrat primaries in 1988 as an open member and leader of the KKK.

In keeping with its history of promoting racism and hate, today the Democrat Party attempts to blame other races and groups for the failures of their own flawed ideologies and their own mismanagement of the inner cities over the past 75 years which they have politically dominated and exploited. In particular, they use racism and hate to oppress others in order to create diversions and scape goats for the ghettoes and all of its associated problems, which they helped to create and increase.

This petition is to gather signatures to demand that people who belong to or who associate with the Democrat Party be made to acknowledge, denounce, disavow, and disassociate themselves from this oppressive political group that has a history rooted in racism and hate.  They also should be required to change their own shameful party name of Democrat before they attempt to remove other historical names, memorials, and statues associated with their own sad legacy. 

Racism and hate has no place in America. We need to stop racism and hate at its core.

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