Connect MacLeod's Landing to the Oak Ridges Moraine Trail

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If you agree the Town of Richmond Hill should connect the path off Silver Maple Road to the Oak Ridges Trail network (as shown by the green line above), instead of to MacLeod Estate Court (the red line shows what the Town is currently planning), please sign this petition. 

Even if you would not use the Oak Ridges Trail personally, please note that a path that joins our community to the Trail system would be a huge benefit to the school and many residents, and it would very likely increase the value of our homes.

Please ask your neighbours and everyone of voting age in your home to also sign, since every signature counts. (Note: To sign multiple names from the same computer, the current user may need to "Log out" where it says their name in the top right hand corner, and then "search" for "Macleod's Landing" to find the petition again and sign it as a new user).

Thank you for your support! 

Elaine Pratt, MacLeod's Landing resident


AUG 1, 2016 UPDATE - Over the past few months, there have been some constructive discussions among the Town, the Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), and the current land owners regarding the TRCA and private land parcels that would need to be transferred/acquired, the physical and environmental feasibility of building the trail, and the costs and processes that the project would entail.

Although there is still a lot to be both researched and agreed upon before the Town and Province/TRCA can give us their final decision, I am happy with the progress that has been made to date, and I am still very optimistic about the outcome.

Our petition, particularly the personal comments from over 50 residents, has made an important difference in convincing the Town that our proposal is in the best interest of our community, and that it would be worth the effort, cost and administration that would be required to approve it.

I will continue to keep you updated, and will reach out if there is anything else we should be doing at this point.

In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying your summer and our beautiful neighbourhood.


March 30, 2016 UPDATE - Last Monday I met with our Ward Councillor, Greg Beros (he came out and walked the proposed trail with me). Councillor Beros said that he and others on the Town Council were well aware of our petition (so let's keep it growing!).

Councillor Beros was quite supportive of our proposal. We discussed the potential hurdles associated with building a trail to the north, including the fact that the land in question is currently owned by the Provincial Government and/or controlled by the TRCA (Toronto and Region Conservation Authority), which means we would need to get them on-side too before anything can happen. He said he would follow up with the Town Planning Department to find out what the TRCA's current position on the proposed trail is, and if they are supportive, what the next steps should be‎ to keep this moving forward.

I will continue to follow up with Mr. Beros as well as the Town and the Conservation Authority on any progress regarding our proposal, and will keep everyone updated. 


March 10, 2016 UPDATE - Now that the nice weather is upon us and the ground is thawing, the Town could proceed with connecting the path off Silver Maple Road at any time. We urgently need to ensure that our community's preference for a trail that will connect us to the Oak Ridges Trail system, and NOT to a neighbouring street with no sidewalks (as is currently planned) is heard loud and clear by the Mayor and Town Council. We have 3,000 residents in MacLeod's Landing, so it would be very convincing if we could collect 500 signatures to present to the Town when I meet with them again next month. 


February 1, 2016 - The timing of this petition is urgent because The Town of Richmond Hill is currently planning to extend the path from the west side of Silver Maple Road (located just north of the school and across from the community mailboxes) to another nearby street, Macleod Estate Court (as shown by the red line above), instead of extending the path north to the Oak Ridges Trail, as many residents in our area have always wanted. 

We believe the Town's proposed path extension to MacLeod Estate Court makes no sense and is of no benefit to the residents of this community.

As such, this petition is to ask the Town to reconsider their plan for the path extension. We suggest that alternatively, they should extend the path north (green line) to join up with and provide residents with direct access to the Oak Ridges Trail system (orange lines). This would be of much greater use and benefit to our community since right now we have no direct access to the trails.  All the other subdivisions north and west of us do have direct access to the trail system.

I attended the Richmond Hill Town Council meeting on Monday 25 January 2016, and presented our case to Mayor Dave Barrow and the Town Councillors. Thankfully, it is not too late for the Town to reconsider their plan, since construction has not yet begun. However, it is critical that we, as a community, express our opinions NOW, before it is too late.

Once the Town finalizes the plan to extend the trail and construction begins, the opportunity to extend the trail north would be lost, and our community will likely NEVER obtain direct access to the Oak Ridges Trail network.

Seven reasons to sign this petition

1. The planned extension to MacLeod Estate Court will be of no additional benefit to the community, since we can easily access this street already by road if we want to.

2. Connecting the trail to MacLeod Estate Court will be unsafe for pedestrians since this street has no sidewalk. Users of the trail would need to walk down the middle of the road until they reached the safety of the Lake Forest Drive sidewalk at the south end.

3. Our subdivision is currently the only community in the entire area surrounding the trail network--between King Road, Bathurst, Jefferson and Yonge--with no direct access.

4. Currently, in order to access the trail system, residents must walk 0.75 - 1km up the shoulder of busy Yonge Street, or along busy Jefferson Sideroad towards Bathurst. The Yonge Street access route is particularly unsafe, with no sidewalk and only a shoulder to walk on, where cars, trucks and buses travel over 60km/hr only a few feet away.

5. MacLeod's Landing Public School and the adjacent Daycare Centre would benefit from direct and safe access to the Oak Ridges Trail system for outdoor excursions, running clubs, etc.

6. The community would benefit greatly from the creation of a safe way for our children, pets and families to access to the Oak Ridges Trail by foot or bike.

7. Direct access to the Oak Ridges Trail would almost certainly increase the property values in our area. 

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