City of New Orleans: stop routine French Quarter ticketing/towing during Covid-19 outbreak

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During this global pandemic, the City of New Orleans has called on small businesses and residents to make sacrifices, both personal and financial, for the safety and health of the community. In spite of this request to its residents, the city continues to do routine towing and ticketing. With tourists being gone, already financially-burdened residents are the ones being hurt by this revenue-driven action. 

For example, tow trucks are making their regular rounds prior to street cleaning twice per week in the French Quarter. Residents who are sick or quarantined and cannot rotate their cars twice per week are being towed, receiving a $200+ ticket & towing fee, and if they cannot immediately retrieve their vehicle, will also be assessed a nightly storage fee. To retrieve their vehicles, residents will have to take a ride-share and appear in person at the impound lot, further risking spread. Meter-readers are making regular rounds, so people without an RPP who are unable to move their vehicles within a 2 hr window are receiving parking violations.

We are calling on the Mayor and the City of New Orleans to suspend routine towing and parking enforcement. With most tourists having left the city, only residents remain. No one is wantonly disregarding parking rules, but many people are in inflexible situations. At a time when all are being called on to be considerate and compassionate, please show New Orleans residents that the city is willing and capable to commit to the same requests that it is making.