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Petition to charge for plastic bags at stores in Utah

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Plastic Bags

When you go shopping do you ever consider putting your items in a reusable bag instead of a plastic bag?  To a lot of people this may seem like a basic everyday question. If you break it down, you may find out that there is more to where these bags come from, and eventually go, than you think. Before you make the decision of ignoring it and continue using these easy accessible free plastic bags, consider the following information about how plastic is eating up the environment's resources.

1 out of every 5 Americans believe that plastic can dissolve in the ground over time. What these people do not know is that plastic is polluting the earth with it’s chemicals from petroleum and other manufacturing ingredients. It also is not biodegradable, so it will NEVER break down, polluting our earth forever. We use millions of plastic bags a month. The chemicals from plastic pollute the ground where our food grows and where living things live. We are killing our environment when we just throw away our bags after shopping, not even thinking about it. Also the process of creating the bags takes up a lot of energy - energy that our planet is running out of ways to sustain. A UK Guardian Article states “Earth's population will be forced to colonise two planets within 50 years if natural resources continue to be exploited at the current rate”.

Hawaii and California have passed a bill, charging for plastic bags. They use that money to fund more recycling. Here in Utah we are terrible at recycling so we should start to work towards changing that problem instead of just doing nothing to help our beautiful earth we call home.

If we do pass a bill charging for plastic bags, people will not want to spend money on the bags and maybe invest in reusable bags. People would notice and start recycling. Charging money for plastic bags would get people thinking about plastic in our environment and maybe even other environmental issues. If more people work together as team each making their own small changes by signing this petition, we can help stop the problem of ruining this home we call Earth.


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