Petition to change the KINE 3030 Final Exam Online 2022

Petition to change the KINE 3030 Final Exam Online 2022

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Why this petition matters

Started by Alex Mane

With the rise of COVID-19 cases in Ontario, students are feeling an enormous amount of anxiety and fear to be going on campus and writing the KINE 3030 final exam in-person. With the thousands of daily cases and the increase in hospitalization, students are being forced to take the risk of becoming exposed to the virus and potentially spreading it to the highly vulnerable individuals in their household.

This course has also been carried through remote learning for the entire duration of this semester and students have been accustomed to it. It is very unfair to the students that this course was fully online, disallowing them to really learn the course in the way they should have (no live interactions in labs, lectures etc) and then having to take the final examination in-person.

Taking this final exam in-person forces students to face the surprise of the completely different style of questions whereas they have only been prepared by the style of questions from the previous midterms they took online. Going back in-person leaves the students to have no idea what to expect which is extremely overwhelming. These students have faced online school for two years and have not been used to the in-person exam experience for so long. 

Again, this course was held online the entire semester and students have taken the most crucial learning components virtually (labs, lectures, midterms) it would only be fair to the students to be able to take their final exam for this course in that same manner. 

It is also difficult for international students who are currently back in their home countries due to Covid-19. Now that the exam is scheduled to be in-person it’s a hassle for them to find a way to get back to Canada to write the exam in-person, when online would be the most convenient option for all of us. Due to this on going pandemic (which is increasing more rapidly now) these students do not yet feel comfortable or ready to begin travelling again.

Students should be able to have the opportunity to ease into the process of in-person learning so that they can become accustomed to it again. Especially with a course like KINE 3030, being heavily focused on mathematics and application, it is extremely difficult to come from an online standpoint and be pushed into an in-person exam without adjusting properly.

The students want the 2022 final exam for KINE 3030 to be online.


373 have signed. Let’s get to 500!