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Petition to Build The National R&B Music Society Museum in Atlantic, City NJ

Purpose of Petition

The purpose of this petition is to show public support of our request to seek funding from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) for the development and construction of The National R&B Music Society Museum Complex to be Located  in Atlantic City, NJ.

The museum complex would include a library that will reveal photographs, video tapes, artifacts, newspaper clippings, microfilms, memorabilia and multiple exhibit halls.  In addition, a state of art theater/supper club that would feature live performances, a wax museum, television studio, a community radio station, recording studio, gift shop and musical stage performances outlining the history of R&B music.

Through partnership with The Atlantic City Board of Education and Atlantic City Community College, musical seminars will be made available onsite during off hours. This project will produce winners all around, benefiting the community, the City of Atlantic City, New Jersey Tourism, the Casinos and all Soul/R&B Music Lovers from around the world, while preserving the historical legacies of the Soul/R&B Artists, Producers, Musicians, Songwriters Radio/TV Personalities and all that have contributed to this rich musical history.


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