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Bring AT&T Gigapower/Fiber service to Gurnee, IL

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This petition is to show the support to AT&T that the community in Gurnee, IL wants them to put in their Gigapower (fiber) services. This will not guarantee that they will put the service and infrastructure in but it will aid with persuading AT&T Illinois that it is worth their time, energy, and money to deploy the service in the village. By deployment of this service it will decrease our costs as customers, decrease service issues, and provide very stable service to everyone.

What to expect if they do agree to put in the service:

1. It is not as easy as flipping a switch and everyone has the new service. There are many tasks involved on AT&T's side to get the service and infrastructure deployed.

2. This will require them coming into communities and burying new fiber lines. The will be coming into your yard and (depending on how they need it done) either boring holes to put the fiber in or trenching. If you have a power pole that gives you your ComEd, AT&T, and Comcast service they will need access to that pole(s). As well as bring a fiber line to your house by trenching (usually 12" or less) or having a fiber line drape from the power pole to your house.

3. This will not happen over night. They may spend several days in your yard, depending on where the lines have to run.

4. They will not be adding more VRAD cabinets (those big refrigerator looking things in some people's yard with a power meter on it). Some may even be removed (again it all depends).

5. AT&T and its contractors will try their best to make sure your yard does not look like a demolition derby took place. They are usually very good about this. They like it clean and neat to not get people upset that their digging in their yard.

6. Fiber service (Gigapower) does not use copper lines like Comcast or what you have now from AT&T. It does not use radio frequencies or pulses of power to communicate. It uses lasers and very tiny strands of glass (yes, glass is flexible as long as it is thin and small enough). What this means to you is a solid Internet, TV, and phone connection, and is extremely reliable.

7. Downside to having fiber is that just like service now with UVerse over copper phone lines it is subject to power loss. If the modem in your house loses power you loose all 3 services. In the event of a power outage there is battery backup on the modem they provide and battery or a generator for their equipment outside which is at a central point.

8. As with anything new there is a gestation period that there may be kinks or issues with your service initially after install. This is normal with anything new. This is also considered the burn in period. AT&T is very good about making sure everything is 100% and ready to go before allowing customers to sign up for their service. They have special tools that ensure the service is at optimum levels at install.

9. If AT&T decides to deploy it this year those of us signing this will be rejoiceful for high quality service at a much more reasonable price. The same is to the naysayers, if they decide to not put it in this year you are ecstatic that AT&T will not be doing what you don't want them to do (insert your reason here).

10. When all is said and done, and they have completed the deployment that is it. Fiber service is a long term (and by long I mean long term) solution and is easily upgrade-able without having to dig up an entire city, village, or community. Enterprises, governments, healthcare, and more have leveraged this technology for decades and have not needed to replace the fiber cables that are in place and only the equipment that sits at either end of the fiber cable. However, just like any other cable it is subject to having issues if it gets cut or a deep nick.


Thank you to everyone that is going forward and agreeing to this and showing that we want this service as a community.



Below is some videos about what exactly fiber is and some installs (not necessarily AT&T install but they are one in the same).

Comparison of Copper Cable vs Fiber (Gigapower) {Sorry it is a little technical but they try to explain all of it as simple as possible}

Overview of what they do outside


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