Ban the Broadcast of Republic Bharat TV Channel in the UK

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Republic TV has always chased controversy to increase its viewership. The channel seems to have no compunctions about propriety or journalistic ethics. Their guest speakers are chosen for their ability to make noise and make outrageous and controversial statements rather than cogent arguments. This often even devolves into Hate Speech and Verbal Abuse. Their Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami is also not above such heinous acts and he actively encourages it.

On Tuesday, 22nd December, Ofcom imposed a fine on Worldview Media Network (which holds the license for Republic Bharat) for engaging in “a sustained and repeated attack on Pakistani people” on an episode of his current affairs program ‘Poochta Hai Bharat’ broadcast on 6th September 2019. Arnab Goswami and his guests on the show expressed the view that all Pakistani people are terrorists and likened them to animals. They also used racist, offensive and derogatory terms to refer to the people of Pakistan.

These actions can lead to division between communities in the UK; such speech can engender hate against and prejudice towards members of the multicultural milieu of the country.

In light of this action taken by the regulator, we would like to further request Ofcom to ban the broadcast of Republic Bharat in the UK as there should be no room for hateful and divisive speech. The channel has continued its disgraceful activities even after several repeated warnings by the regulator. In such circumstances, we believe the best course of action would be a complete ban on the broadcast of the channel.

We would urge enlightened members of South Asian community and prominent citizens and parliamentarians to show their support and sign this petition.