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Petition to "Ban the Box" in order to Expand the Rights of Convicted Felons

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The aim of this petition is to negate discrimination against convicted felons during application for potential work hire. Presently, there is no federal law that protects the identity of convicted felons for work-related opportunities. 

Banning the box means that removing the checkbox that asks an applicant about their criminal record should be removed from the application altogether and that employers should not discriminate against applicants for not being able to look into someone's criminal background, prior to a conditional offer made.    

By signing this petition, you are making a conscious decision in supporting the rights of people who are wrongly discriminated against for being convicted and telling U.S lawmakers that discriminatory practices against applicants who are convicted of crimes should be outlawed. 

Movements like "banning the box" are intended to help solve some of the issues that are caused by the rapid expansion of prisons in the United States. According to the U.S Bureau of Justice Statistics, since 1990 the number of people incarcerated has increased by 133%, from 771,000 adults incarcerated in 1990 to 2,200,000 in 2013. This massive increase in prisons leads to higher rates of repeat offenders, ultimately leading to permanent prison overcrowding and social divide between the convicted and the general populous. By taking a step to help decrease recidivism, like banning the box, we can turn lives behind bars into honest ones by giving them a fair chance at reintegration with the promise of fair employer practice. 

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