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Show support of "urban chickens."

We talk a lot about becoming more self-sufficient. It's growing evermore popular to know and SEE where our food comes from. More and more of us are attempting food gardens for the first time, and why wouldn't we? There's money to be saved, resources to be conserved, lessons to be learned, and the fruits of our labors are EDIBLE!

Recognizing this movement, many cities are now allowing "urban chickens." Under most allowances, chickens are permitted under certain guidelines (chickens aren't running "wild", roosters are discouraged, etc.). Monticello is already on board!

By signing this petition, you are showing your support for the consideration of "urban chickens" by our own city of Big Lake, MN. You are not necessarily declaring a desire to have chickens yourself!

Here are some really helpful links related to this movement:

Pros of urban chickens:
1. Fresh eggs.
2. Your neighbor gets fresh eggs (if you're the type to share!).
3. Chickens eat pests (grubs) and weeds.
4. Kids can learn the responsibility of owning a pet (chickens make surprisingly good pets, by the way!).
5. Owners have a choice to consume eggs from chickens that are being raised humanely (even "cage free" eggs you buy from the store are often raised in appalling conditions).

1. Your neighbor doesn't like eggs or chickens.
2. Poorly cared for chickens can cause a ruckus.
3. Neighborhood dog might be attracted out of his/her yard.

Again, by signing this petition, you're showing your support for allowing "urban chickens" in Big Lake. You are not necessarily saying you personally want to raise them!

Thank you so much for your support and time,

Big Lake Resident of 5 years

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