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Petitioning House Rep. Toth State of Texas Legislature

Petition to allow traffic code enforcement within gated subdivisions


The number of gated residential communities in Texas has grown over the past 10 years. These gated communities resemble small towns easily exceeding 3000 residents. Home buyers are attracted to gated communities because they appear to provide their families an additional form of security. The deception is when homes owners discover the gates restrict the enforcement of traffic laws. These residents soon feel helpless in protecting the safety of their families from those who purposely disregard speed limits; stop signs and school buses stop signals without regard to adults or children pedestrians nearby.

It’s time for our legislators to amend a change and provide these folks with the same services provided by certified law enforcement officers in non-gated communities across the state. Please show your support by signing this petition in adopting a change to easily allow for the enforcement of traffic laws inside large gated communities.

Letter to
House Rep. Toth State of Texas Legislature
Please help us to protect the safety of our families from those who purposely disregard traffic laws within gated communities. It's important that our gated community has the same protections as any community in the state. Please assist in supporting change to allow for the enforcement of traffic codes inside large gated communities.