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Petition to Allow Music to be Played at MV Sporting Events

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    Our administration at Mystic Valley Regional Charter School has recently decided to ban music from being played over speakers at school sporting events including practices, warm-ups and games.

     A reason has not been provided to the school's students or families. As a committed stakeholder of Mystic Valley, I respectfully request that administration reconsider this new rule and once again, permit music to be played at all sporting events.

     Music plays several roles at sporting events.  First, it is a powerful motivator for players and teams.  For years, players have used music to "pump up" for performance.  While this could still be accomplished during practices or warm-ups with personal headphones, coaches would be unable to easily communicate with players and team bonding would be diminished as players would be in personal vs communal space.  Music that is personal to the team both bonds the team and adds to the home-court advantage.

    Music affects the spectator experience as well.   Team sports like basketball, football, volleyball and baseball have natural lulls for warm-ups, time-outs, half-times,...  For decades, entertainment such as cheerleaders, bands and music played over speakers has been used at all levels in sports to keep the crowd energized during these breaks.  For a small school like Mystic Valley, music played over speakers is a relatively simple solution to providing this entertainment evenly across sporting events.

     Finally, music at Mystic Valley sporting events provides a valuable community service to all of our students.  Mystic Valley is at a disadvantage to its sending districts in that it can not create school spirit by zip code.  With students from more than 6 different towns, Mystic Valley must intentionally create school spirit by organizing events that students are interested in attending- including, but not limited to, sporting events.  While only a portion of students choose or are selected to participate on sports teams, all students are invited to attend games.  Schools in our area go so far as hiring a DJ to attract students to games.  Disappointment over a team's loss is often eclipsed by the fun students have bonding over the game and dancing and singing to the music entertainment.

     At this time, I strongly request that the administration reverse this decision and allow music relevant to players and student fans to be played at sporting events including practices, warm-ups and games.  I understand that an adequate process has and will continue to be in place for monitoring student requested songs.

I am proud to be a part of the Mystic Valley community and appreciate being heard on this important issue.  

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