Petition to all governments, to introduce laws that punish environmental crimes.

Petition to all governments, to introduce laws that punish environmental crimes.

12 October 2022
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Why this petition matters

You might work at the local book store, in a cheese factory, writing code for computer games. You might work to make sure there is bread on your table. You might work for your family. Some just work, so they can have a good time, wasting their earnings on the frivolous. But, have you ever considered you work for Mother Nature. No? Well, if you don't, if she is not laser focussed in your mind every day, you not only risk the bread on your table, you risk all whom you care for. You risk extinction. 

We must all actively work for mother nature. If our planet is ill, we suffer with her. There is no avoiding. Ultimately, if we fail in our duty of care, it is an absolute certainty Mother Nature will take care of the human problem. And her vengeance will be ugly. Our world is already impacted by global warming and climate change. We already see great floods, draughts, increasing famine, and we already have climate change refugees. Well, dear folks, you have not seen anything yet. Natures wrath can, and will be, beyond your worst imaginings.

Schemes such as carbon taxes, the carbon trading market and so-called carbon offsetting are little more than scams. In some cases, allowing our world's worst polluters to keep on polluting, and actually make money from carbon offsetting and trading in the carbon markets. We are providing already rich men, the great majority of whom have little care for the damages they cause to our global environment, with new devices to further fill their pockets. Most usually by emptying the pockets of everyday folk.

These schemes, developed by governments, also serve to fill their coffers, out of the pockets of everyday folk. For little return, given government's appallingly slow reactions to our global climate change emergency.

So, what do we want?

It is sad when an obvious evil, greed, seems to win out over good every time. It is killing our planet and by extension, us. Global government's reaction is to tax consumers, and any costs imposed on producers is always passed down; and the little people suffer it. 

What governments have largely refused to do, is create effective laws to punish serious crimes against the environment, with harsh penalties, including jail for CEOs; and tough financial penalties for investors. 

Seize companies profits and investor dividends, and use the money for environmental repair initiatives. Go after the worst polluters. Make company directors and CEOs personally responsible for the damages their industries cause, and throw them behind bars for a lengthy period. Not months, years. Do this, and we will see the attitudes of big business change at lightening speed. The pace at which companies clean up their environmental acts will stun, once they realise the harsh consequences. And if they can't change their ways, if they can't take care to step lightly over our Earth, then they don't deserve to be in business.

Fine heavily, and jail what are environmental terrorists. And where governments fail to act against these planet killers, they themselves should suffer the full weight of the people's disdain. Governments that have created these new anti-environmental harm laws, should treat those that refuse, or give shelter to environmental terrorists, as pariah states.

This international initiative, to create new laws to punish company and corporate environmental criminals, does not initially require international agreement. It only takes one government to act, make it yours. 

One government becomes two, two becomes four, four becomes...

We will send the results of this petition to government representatives of every country in the world. Please support our petition and spread it through your networks.

With thanks,

Robbie Kaiviti.

Pour le New Zealand People's Mandate Party and the Major Rumpus Party (NZ).

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Signatures: 59Next goal: 100
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