Stop the Mandatory HOA

Stop the Mandatory HOA

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Petition to Aimee Reimann, President of Shannon Acres Home Owner Association

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Started by Felicia Gaskin

We, the undersigned, are opposed to a mandatory HOA in Shannon Acres and the proposed covenants and restrictions. We call on the SAHA board to:

  • Keep the HOA in Shannon Acres as voluntary
  • Keep the current covenants and restrictions in place
  • Continue to have a set of by laws in place
  • Grow the voluntary HOA by creating a sense of community, fully consulting with local residents on major decisions involving the community and being fully transparent in all actions. 

Shannon Acres is a unique established neighborhood with a voluntary HOA. The argument that a mandatory HOA will improve property values has not be substantiated. There is no direct correlation that a mandatory HOA will increase property values. In fact, many residents in Shannon Acres bought their home because there was not a mandatory HOA. A mandatory HOA could in fact deter prospective buyers from buying in the area which means it could take longer for homes to sell. Property values have actually increased over the last 3 years. According to SAM  (statistical analysis module), a partner of the MLS (multiple listing service), the average sales price of a 4 bedroom home is up 16% from last year. 

Having the mandatory HOA also means having overly restrictive covenants. For example, Article 5 Section 1 of the proposed covenants state “No construction of any Dwelling Unit, structural addition or alteration (whether attached or detached), or renovation that significantly alters the exterior appearance of a Dwelling unit,…shall be commenced until the Owner has been provided with written approval from the Architectural Review Committee…” You will need to ask permission for any addition to your own property and hope that is approved. 

There are also restrictions on boats, RVs, trailers and above ground pools. A boat over “23 feet in length must be parked in an enclosed garage.” An existing RV (purchased before the proposed covenants) cannot be parked “in front of the main Dwelling Unit.” “Above ground pools are not to be seen from any road.” (Article 6, Section 14, 17 &18)

We encourage you to read the entire restrictions and covenants. Please let us know if you need a copy. Any concerns or questions regarding the language of the covenants should be addressed directly with the attorney responsible for writing them.

Christopher P Gelwicks, The McIntosh Law Firm 704 892 1612

P.O. Box 2270 209 Delburg Ste 203, Davidson NC 28036

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252 have signed. Let’s get to 500!