Petition the UN to Protect Human Rights in the United States

Petition the UN to Protect Human Rights in the United States

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Why this petition matters

Started by Leon DeFriese

The United States has been plagued by a rash of polarizing political individuals, who have been systematically dismantling indelible human rights. One such right is the right to privacy and personal bodily autonomy, as ruled in Roe v. Wade. 


Roe v. Wade is the cornerstone of dozens of privacy laws that grant American citizens important, unquestionable rights. Our HIPPA laws were written on the basis of Roe v. Wade, which grants people the right to privacy with their medical records and procedures. The right to marry whoever you want, interracial or same sex, are also based on this right. So is the right to homeschool one's children, or send them to a private religious school instead of a public school. And it is this right to privacy that is regularly combating the government's attempt to observe, inspect, and collect any and all of an individuals personal data, from medical records to phone calls to online activity, even the privacy of mail is protected under this right to privacy. 


Above and beyond the right to privacy laws being threatened, a culmination of religious ideology and pseudo science has led to a massive amount of people in this country believing lies and falsities regarding abortions, the procedures, the outcomes, and the circumstances surrounding them. We are granted the right to religious freedom in our constitution. By that same standard, no individual should have their bodily autonomy taken away on the basis of another individual's religious belief. Because you are a human, a living, breathing human, your basic rights should not be withheld on the basis of religious theology, masked by pseudo science. That is the core foundation this country was built upon-- indelible human rights. 


I would like to ask the United Nations to intervene with the Supreme Court ruling that is due in June or July, which will result in the overturning of Roe v. Wade. The resulting trigger laws set in place will enact immediate abortion bans, and laws to restrict access are already being rushed through as we speak, as highly conservative states are jumping at the bit to ban abortions. These trigger laws involve the following; complete abortion bans, bans on abortion after six weeks, the possibility of being arrested and jailed for having a miscarriage, the possibility of being sued for helping someone get access to an abortion, the loss of a medical license should a doctor perform an abortion, and a myriad of other laws. These laws outright strip American Citizens of their basic, indelible rights. And, with the loss of the right to privacy, anyone who travels to receive an abortion is at risk of prosecution should their state government access their medical files. 


It is a monumental step backwards from progress, and threatens the lives of millions of American citizens. 


I would ask the UN to intervene, by whatever tools they have necessary, on the grounds that repealing Roe v. Wade is a direct violation of the human rights of the people of the United States. 


We the the people are scared. We are trapped, and we are powerless, held under the thumb of politicians and businesses and private prison owners, who intend to reduce our quality of life, our basic human rights, to feed their capitalist machine. We do not deserve to have our rights taken away in the name of capitalism. 


Please. Help fight for us. Help stand up for us. Help the people that are suffering and in need, RIGHT NOW. Because if we wait, it will be too late. And the people of this country will be plunged into dark ages the likes of which haven't been seen since the 30s. 

851 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!