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'Make Homework Optional'

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As time evolves, so do our everyday technologies and conveniences. Every single aspect of our life has been improved upon in order to make our lives easier and better. However, our schooling system is one of the key aspects of life that has been preserved and unchanged for generations when it should be one of the primary focuses of evolution as schooling shapes our future. Students today are burdened by a plethora of homework, professors from Queensland University and Sydney University, among others, have admitted that they find homework to be nowhere near as useful as it is appreciated for.
Associate Professor Walker from the University of Sydney admits the following:

"There's a lot of disagreement, I have to say. But the consensus findings would essentially be homework's not very beneficial for primary school kids, very limited benefits for junior high school kids, and reasonable benefits for senior high school kids," he said.

Furthermore, Finland has been ranked the #1 school system by WEF (World Economic Forum), while we in the UAE have an education system ranked at a mear 45th in the world. The primary reasons for this are a lack of standardised tests, children being put in the same classroom regardless of their ability, and most importantly no mandatory homework whatsoever. The education system's success is apparent in the fact that they have the highest rate of students going to college in Europe (66%). This success is directly linked to the fact they have absolutely no mandatory homework, which relieves the students of unnecessary stress and allows them to pursue extracurricular activities which benefits their future more than sitting in a room working on worksheets at home. In addition, the Finnish education system's success is apparent across the world, as the Finnish have the 8th highest IQ worldwide according to IQ and the wealth of nations by Richard Lynn, alongside this top-notch education being free for EU/EEA students.
All in all, we, alongside many others believe that it is finally time for the education systems of the nations of the future to take a step into evolution and get on the level of the top education systems, and even surpass them. The UAE is a country of visionaries and a country that looks to tomorrow for answers. So now it is time to look to the future and shake off the mandatory homework, that chains us back from having our education reach and eventually surpass the worlds elite education systems, allowing the United Arab Emirates to be seen as the pinnacle of the future, where the ambitious is seen as the everyday. This can only be done by shaking the outdated shackles of homework that hinder our education from becoming the best of the best and evolving to match this ever-evolving world. The leaders of tomorrow plead today to the KHDA so that we can free ourselves of the homework and stress burdens that prevent us from doing things that we truly love and enjoy doing

By Ryan Alezz, Rayan Salloum, Jeffrey Khoukhaji, Andrew Mansour


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