CRY FREEDOM for African Asylum Seeker: Imprisoned for seeking refuge in Grenada.

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Grenadians and supporters all over the world are called to sign this petition demanding the Government of Grenada to immediately release this African brother from Grenada's inhumane Prison.  He has not committed any crime in Grenada or his homeland Ghana, Africa.  His only crime was to seek asylum refuge in the country of Grenada.

YOUR SIGNATURE will contribute to our petition's target of '5,000 Signatures' by Grenada's Thanksgiving on Thursday 26th November, 2020.   The petition will then be used to further the call for action and presented to Grenada's Prime Minister, the United Nations and the International Red Cross Society; given as representation of our demand for an immediate end to the unjust and persecuting incarceration of this asylum seeker.


By Grenadian American Attorney at Law - Denison Forrester George for Caribbean Media Houses.

Asylum Seeker desperately escapes persecution from his home country, comes to Grenada to seek asylum but instead was charged and imprisoned for entering Grenada illegally.  Despite his claim for asylum, one year later he remains incarcerated at Her Majesty’s Prison Richmond Hill, St. George's, Grenada.

In August, 2019 the asylum seeker arrived in Grenada by boat and brought to shore by the captain who promptly departed Grenadian waters.  According to investigations, he went to the Red Cross Society Office in St. George’s to seek asylum.  He waited there for three days as the office was closed; he did not try to blend in the unsuspecting citizenry.  On the third day, when opened, he told the Red Cross Society worker he was persecuted in his own country, Ghana, and ran for his life.  He was told the Immigration Department would be notified of his arrival.  As Grenada had not enacted laws to deal with asylum seekers the Red Cross Society worker was mandated to notify the United Nations office in Washington, USA.
The Asylum Seeker’s nightmare had begun.  On the immigration officer's arrival, they requested the asylum seeker accompany them to complete the necessary paperwork.  The asylum seeker was taken to Central Police Station where he was charged for entering Grenada illegally.  He was brought before the St. George’s Magistrate's Court the following day.  Although the Asylum Seeker informed the Court that he entered Grenada to seek asylum at the Red Cross Office he was still sentenced for entering Grenada illegally.  As he protested that he entered Grenada to seek asylum he was remanded for eleven (11) days to allow the State to investigate his claim for asylum.  The asylum seeker was charged and imprisoned within 24 hours of notifying the Red Cross Society officer of his intention to seek asylum.  As far as he was aware, Red Cross offices worldwide offer refuge to persons who are persecuted.  No notice was on the internet, in newspapers or otherwise to say the humanitarian ethics of the Red Cross Society had altered.  Neither is information available to say that persons should not seek asylum in Grenada.
In October, 2019 he received a telephone call from an Immigration Officer to say the Government would give him an airline ticket to Ghana and cash to flee to another country if someone or some persons threaten his life again.  He could not go back to his country as he felt his life would still be in danger.

From November, 2019 to April, 2020 no government official, United Nations or Red Cross Society official contacted the Asylum Seeker in prison.  Between April and June, 2020 an Attorney-at-law informed the United Nations office in Washington of the asylum seeker’s plight and attempted to communicate with government officials to secure his release from prison.  The Government official subsequently stated the State was not aware the Asylum seeker sought refuge so a deportation order was stayed pending an investigation of the matter.

In June 2020, the UNHR interviewed the asylum seeker and confirmed he should be protected from forcible return to Ghana and also issued a formal request to the State to release the asylum seeker from prison.  As the State refused to release the asylum seeker the United Nations subsequently issued a follow up request that they release the asylum seeker.  Civil Court action was taken to revoke the deportation but the action was dismissed on the basis that criminal and not civil action should be taken to appeal the deportation order.  Additionally, sponsors elected to provide accommodation and employment to the asylum seeker until the United Nations was able to move the asylum seeker from Grenada.  However, the State refused to release the asylum seeker on the basis that employment should first be afforded to Grenadians.

For now, the asylum seeker remains incarcerated at Richmond Hill Prison in excess of four hundred and sixty five (465) days and counting.  The asylum seeker is not treated with dignity and understanding.  He shares a cell with eleven (11) other individuals, in the absence of running water and toilet facilities.  The inmates are forced to urinate and defecate in buckets which stay in the prison cell until the next morning; extremely unhealthy! "The State has treated me as an enemy!" I was just trying to stay alive but now I'm imprisoned indefinitely."

Again.....   " THIS IS UNCONSCIONABLE! "  
By Grenadian American Attorney at Law - Denison Forrester George for Caribbean Media Houses.