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From giant oil spill disasters, nuclear power plant accidents to coal mining disasters, are there more efficient and less life threatening methods without madness?

It takes 2 clicks of the tv remote and 1 internet search to find thousands upon thousands of negative effects resulting from the way we generate energy to this day. There is another way! And it's been around for many decades!

The Problem:
The technology and information have been surpressed, destroyed and confiscated over and over again. Nothing has been done, due to an uninformed population that accepts things just the way they are and don't bother questioning life's possibilities.

The Solution:
Educate yourself about Zero Point Energy, also known as Tachyon Energy, and become aware of the omnipresent energy around us, waiting to be harnessed. It is REAL and it WORKS. Stand up and make it known that you know that free energy exists, energy that will change the face of our Earth.

“The day when we shall know exactly what “electricity” is, will chronicle an event probably greater, more important than any other recorded in the history of the human race. The time will come when the comfort, the very existence, perhaps, of man will depend upon that wonderful agent.”
-Nikola Tesla-

By signing this petition, you shout out to the world, saying:

"I am educated and hungry for sustainable ways of living! I agree that oil, coal mines and nuclear power plants are not the most efficient and certainly not the best human potential is capable of!"

"We CAN get together, we know the TRUTH and we won't stop!"

As a global community we need to evaluate mankind's true potential! We CAN do better. The inspiring poet, William Blake said: "What is now proved, was once only imagined." Everything starts small and builds up until it is considered to be the norm. Wouldn't it be wonderful if 2 generations from now, the norm would be to have an affluence of energy available to all of the world. It might occur faster than we think.

True freedom begins not with an answer but with a question.
Will you sign this petition of FREEDOM?

FIND OUT MORE about this captivating energy here:

Letter to
Government of All Nations, All Who Have Resources Needed For Change
PETITION: Tell World Leaders We Know Free Energy Exists
We Know Free Energy Exists!
Humanity is rising in awareness, no longer will we lay in the darkness of ignorance! I see a time, where all humans on Mother Earth come together as a Global Family. Where truth is present around every corner, inside every room, where there is no place it is not. Zero Point Energy is one of these truths and we know it, we want it... We Need It!

We know there is an abundance of resources available in this world, these will be used to begin what has been necessary for many decades now. We will do it with you or without you! We are the majority and we have the power! Freedom is not something we desire, it is our core destiny!

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