WBAI New York Broadcasters: Say No To Pacifica Across America!

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linda Perry
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From: WBAI Local Management 

To: WBAI Hosts and Producers 

WBAI was taken over by a rogue group of the Pacifica Foundation including the Interim Executive Director John Vernile on October 7, 2019. They ordered staff out, seized WBAI’s facility and proceeded with their plan to dismantle and close the radio station housed at 388 Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn. 

Equipment and files were removed. Historic photos were taken down and WBAI’s  frequency at 99.5 FM in New York was hijacked. WBAI’s website, archives which contained historical recordings made over WBAI’s 60 years as well as staff email accounts, bank accounts and donation sites were all taken over. Local programs which served listeners and subscribers in WBAI’s 90 mile radius were replaced by programming from California  under the banner “Pacifica Across America.” WBAI is in NYS Supreme Court battling to regain local control.

Meanwhile, New York’s only 100% listener-sponsored, non-commercial radio station is asking producers/broadcasters who originate from WBAI to cease and desist and not allow their programs to be broadcast on WBAI’s frequency until local control is returned. 

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We the undersigned WBAI hosts and producers pledge:

1- We do not agree to have our program broadcast on 99.5 FM in New York under the banner of “Pacifica Across America.”

2-We will not return our program to the air at 99.5 FM until WBAI is restored to its pre-Oct. 7th state.  

3- We affirm that “Pacifica Across America" is an illegal enterprise that was never approved by the Pacifica National Board and is being used to legitimize the wrongful shutdown of WBAI on October 7, 2019.