Please join us in this campaign: Air Water Soil for Life

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Please join us in our campaign: "Air, Water, Soil for Life"

Since our area started dealing with industrial and contamination issues, we have come to realize that the oversight we would assume was in place to protect the environment and its inhabitants is not what we thought it would be. It would seem that set out guidelines are not necessarily monitored or enforced. Our goal is to bring together the many small groups fighting for issues that impact the three basic building blocks for life; air, water and soil. 

The Petition

To all elected officials including mayors, premiers and the Prime Minister of Canada, We, the people of Canada, petition the civic, provincial and federal government to strengthen the Canadian Environmental Protection Act in order to guarantee that it is enforced and upheld thereby ensuring access to clean water, clean air and clean soil which is essential to sustain life and to do so by enacting the following:

1. put into effect national and enforceable regulatory standards and limits which are never left to the discretion of any government official.

2. prohibit the granting of environmental licenses before all potential impacts are measured and meet the set standards based on the precautionary principle - impacts include but are not restricted to air, water, and soil emissions, sound levels, vibrations, conflict of land uses, etc.

3. put into effect tri-level government cooperation and collaboration regarding environmental licensing, monitoring, enforcement and inspections including independent testing paid by the industry, of at-source emissions for existing industry holding an environmental license.

4. prohibit any grand-fathering of existing industries that would allow companies to bypass environmental protection.

5. put into effect a worker and community “right to know act” modelled on the The New Jersey Worker and Community Right to Know Act as well as to put in place a “right to sue acts” for damage to health and property.

6. put into effect a “right to repair law” that would apply to all design and manufacturing practices.

7. locate air monitoring stations in all “hot spot” areas and as a requirement for all industrial areas, with data reported continually and made publicly available. Fines should be in place for any level of government that is not ensuring accessible public reporting over an pre-determined period of time.

8. require industrial company owners to have appropriate cleanup insurance as well as to require hazardous industries to provide a security deposit that is directly proportional to the risk level for use as payment toward remediation to properties outside the site or to the site itself from potential environmental damage caused by industrial uses. These funds should also be used to provide assistance to those whose health, land, and quality of life is adversely affected.

9. put into effect disaster management practices that include:
⁃ dangerous goods routes in all municipalities, whether by roadway, rail, water, or air
⁃ evacuation plans that are publicly developed and provided to communities and nearby businesses and residents
⁃ better guidelines for prevention of conflicting land uses ie. rail, residential, high-risk industry

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If you have a group that would like to join this effort please feel free to contact us.