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Jan 2, 2014 — We've exceeded 3,000 signatures now I've let go to fly on it's own on New Year's Eve now up to 3,036 today! I want to pass this link that was published in my hometown, The subject of suicide most always whispered about includes; my quotes a picture of my daughter and son, My friend Laura with her late Mother finally able to speak after 20 years of silence, along with a few more. We take great pride that Ronelle Grier has paid attention to write giving survivors a voice, no longer casting disparaging opinions, replacing them with dignity and compassion.

Haunting Deaths | Detroit Jewish News
Haunting Deaths | Detroit Jewish News
Laura Last Solomon is still recovering from the day she learned her mother, who was 50, had hanged herself. While Marcia Last had struggled with depression, Solomon said it was not obvious when she was growing up. "She was a college professor; she never missed work; she sailed," Solomon said.