Petition update

Awareness peaked~my mission here has been accomplished.

Charlene Genser Lezell

Jul 12, 2013 — This next week along this now this past week is the anniversary of my dearly missed and beloved daughter Alissa Faith, I learned 11 months ago of her passing online as it was hidden from our family by her spouse. So on Saturday July 13th it will have been 2 years since she was left to use the gun that was placed just where she could take her life. There are times where forgiving and those times when we can only forgive ourselves for never being able to forgive another. I will claim victory on this day and light a 24 hour memorial candle for my daughter that took half of me with her. Either a "Compilation" of statistic and facts will accompany this to the State Senator's office or it will not be considered for law to ban. I am out of wind from all that have ignored my quest, but forever grateful to all of you for your heartfelt signatures, letters and comments. It is with depth of love from a forever heartbroken Mother that I say thank you for caring.

Most sincerely,


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