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STOP~ Instructions on facebook groups, websites,videos on youtube,supplies sold online 4 suicide~By signing~

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Save lives by banning and or deleting instructions, replacing with help lines 4 reasons why to carry on sparing the agony for their survivors instead. My daughter used this information along with thousands of others, that needlessly made a snap decision only because of the evil people with intention to take lives or make money. Using our U.S.Postal services abusing Federal laws by crossing state lines or not, to ship illegal substances sold using credit cards online, to underage children more often than not to aid and abeit suicide/murder.   PLEASE SIGN, SHARE & SAVE LIVES!  A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS MUST BE INCLUDED TO COUNT AS A SIGNATURE!!            

  •   The internet is out of control and must be monitored to protect innocent children and adults, from sites that purposely or in error auto suggest, "how to die by or commit/ complete suicide.” This "how to" is finding its way to too many children and adults with temporary problems who are suffering from depression, feelings of hopelessness, shame, bipolar or side affects suicidal ideation from medications. A child's brain is not fully developed until 25 years of age and does not comprehend information as an adult does. The use of drugs or alcohol before the age of 25 will alter or damage the full potential of the brain. This is what I experienced with my late daughter much later as an adult. After speaking with the detective that handled my daughter’s case,also claimed the internet history revealed research suicide sites on my her laptop.   I used Google to find out where she found to place the gun to complete her suicide. I was beyond astounded and shocked when I found an article that explained precisely what types of guns to use, and just where to place them to complete the act successfully. The article was published in Forbes Magazine. I commented to the author with no reply and then again and again. It was "tweeted" and later I learned a Congressman was following me on Twitter, and so was a CEO of a fortune 500 company. Glen Close made my tweet a favorite for the week. I would sooner expect the National Enquirer to publish such information but Forbes? God help us all if this is what Fortune 500 company’s interests demand. These sites must be taken down making it illegal and punishable by law. I am petitioning my Senator Jeremy Ring in Florida regarding this matter, he has no interest claiming no money! Last week, I was interviewed for a publication that will print the petition and a picture of my daughter, Alissa Faith. I’ve contacted the local media, television personalities and recently President Obama. From The President I received a return letter of confirmation but no reply. There are many more people to reach in the nation to make "Alissa Faith's Law." With the inception of this law, my daughter or anyone else's child will not have died in vain and it will save others from the evils of the internet.          




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