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   Over a year has gone by since Terrie Harman, a prominent member of the Seacoast music community, was abruptly terminated from her job as Music Director of South Church. 

   Terrie's termination came after her attempts to obtain an investigation into the harassment she was subjected to by the interim minister.  Surprisingly, South Church, which is known for promoting social justice and fairness, refused to investigate these charges and, over time, its leadership added more harassments on top of the original one.

   Last year the American Guild of Organists -- following a thorough investigation in which the church participated -- came out with a finding of "wrongful termination". Yet, still, the church leadership will not negotiate a settlement to bring this matter to a close.

   Because of the refusal of South Church to negotiate a settlement, the American Guild of Organists has banned its members and supporters from performing or working at South Church deeming it "unsafe" for musicians.

  We urge you to read the fact sheet (click here) and to sign this petition and send it to South Church. We are aiming to collect signatures from both musicians and people in all walks of life who would like to see this tragic injustice ended along with the musician's ban.

Roger Rudenstein, Composer and member of South Church

Letter to
Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations Peter Morales, President
Co-Minister South Church, Portsmouth, NH
I just signed the following petition addressed to: South Church, Portsmouth, NH.

Justice for Terrie Harman

Terrie Harman, a prominent member of the Seacoast music community, was abruptly terminated from her job as Music Director of South Church in February 2011. The American Guild of Organists (AGO), of which Terrie is a member, thoroughly investigated the matter with the cooperation of the South Church leadership. The AGO subsequently found "wrongful termination" and pronounced a ban to bar its members from playing at South Church which it characterized as not being a safe place for musicians. The AGO's ban is respected and observed by many non members of the AGO.

Three members of South Church, who served as official "Observers" to the AGO investigation met with Reverend Lauren Smith of South Church in fall of 2011. The reverend offered to a) negotiate with the AGO to end the ban and b) hold a meeting of reconsideration of the circumstances of Terrie Harman's termination. Neither the meeting of reconsideration nor the agreement to negotiate has been carried out by the South Church leadership.

I urge South Church to negotiate a settlement with Terrie and the AGO with the aim of lifting the musician's ban and providing justice for Terrie Harman.