Reject RC1N Application to Rezone in Elbow Park

Reject RC1N Application to Rezone in Elbow Park

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Why this petition matters

Despite widespread community opposition, The Planning Commission approved the application to rezone the property located at 313 40 Ave SW from RC1 to RC1N (Narrow Infill Lot).  Over 48 letters of opposition were sent to the Planning Commission by concerned Elbow Park Residents and they were ignored.

We, the undersigned, request that you REJECT the application LOC-2019-0096 for the following reasons:

Precedent will be set

If this application is approved, the decision would serve notice to developers that the protection offered by the neighbourhood’s RC1 zoning is non-existent and that they can simply ask for a relaxation and subdivide every lot in Elbow Park. We want to protect our community and preserve the walkability, landscaped frontages, tree lined streets and uniformed streetscapes. Developers are motivated by profit and if the protection of RC1 is removed, Elbow Park is "open for business".

Garage & Concrete Frontage

This lot does not have a back alley and the 2-3 Narrow homes will have double front garages and concrete driveways. Given that RC1N zoning allows for 3 narrow homes on a 75 foot lot, the front drive garages will take up most of the lot width and completely dominate the property. The front yard of this property will, in essence, turn into a row of garages and concrete driveway This will significantly impact the streetscape of 40th Ave and negatively impact the beauty of this street.  

Preservation and Protection of Historic, Mature Neighbourhoods

We understand that change occurs in neighbourhoods and that there is a need to increase density.  We do not, however, understand why the City is unable to create a "Mature Neighbourhood Overlay" for the historic neighbourhoods in Calgary. A Mature Neighbourhood Overlay can provide regulations within the Land Use Bylaw that respect and maintain the overall character of mature neighbourhoods. 

Guidelines set out in the  Elbow Park Community Charter and the Low Density in Residential Housing Communities for Established communities have clearly identified what characteristics of our historic neighbourhood need to be preserved and protected.  These Planning and Development documents were created in collaboration with residents, developers and the City of Calgary in order to provide guidance for future development. Why are they ignored?

Zoned for THREE (3) homes regardless of claims by applicant to build 2

Although the applicant has indicated that they intend to build two homes on the property, there is absolutely no guarantee that this will occur.  Once this lot is zoned RC1N, three (3) homes will be allowed. The neighbours adjacent to these properties will be significantly effected as a result of Narrow homes.  Building on narrow lots often means completely maximizing the building area and often requires requests for relaxations to accommodate a reasonable sized home.Green space will be lost, light will be lost, privacy lost and aesthetics lost. 

Flood Way & Protection of our River

This lot is located on the river and, given the flood of 2013, it is unreasonable to build more than one home in this area.  Risking two to three homes, versus one, is irresponsible. 

It is also irresponsible, to increase density on lots adjacent to the Elbow River. Our river system needs to be protected and we need to ensure the riverbanks are treated with respect in order to foster a healthy river system.  Increasing the number of homes beside our river waterway is harmful to our ecosystem.

We respectfully request that you REJECT this application and instead vote to preserve the historical streetscapes of Elbow Park.


770 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!