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Prohibition of Bestiality video creation; other protections against human trafficking

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Bestiality, child porn and torture videos are epidemic; these are invasive and not necessary for the sustenance or well being of the participants and society as a whole thus should require legal consent-- nobody can act as proxy to consent *for* them.  Children cannot legally consent, and neither can beasts. Define all invasive media, such as sexual activity, torture, or snuff depictions, must require legal consent and proxy consent invalid.  This act should also prohibit distribution of bestiality and snuff porn.  

This is a separate legal charge apart from existing porn laws. is one example of out-of-control exploitation including people trading home-made bestiality videos, and bestiality sex ads in all 50 states.

~~ (PLEASE NOTE the following wording is absolutely necessary to get it considered or it will meet opposition)~~

(1) IN GENERAL- This section shall not apply with regard to any visual depiction of--
(A) customary and normal veterinary, scientific, or agricultural husbandry, practices;
(B) the slaughter of animals for food; or
(C) hunting, trapping, or fishing.
(A) a law enforcement agency; or
(B) a third party for the sole purpose of analysis to determine if referral to a law enforcement agency is appropriate.

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