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Prison Chain Gangs to work farms and infrastructure

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 UNDOCUMENTED immigrants are illegal and working fields is slave labor, but is done all over USA.  Chain gangs is not slave labor--it is to pay for incarceration. No free ride. Bring back chain gangs as part of criminal justice reform.  This should be mandatory. Once we have prisoners working the farms (chain gangs) we can do away with illegal aliens. This way, especially in the farms and infrastructure, we can use e-verify due to not needing illegal aliens anymore to do the labor by utilizing our rich resource of our nation's criminals. It will teach Offenders the value of work and remind them not to break the law!  "e-verify" is enough to flush out and get rid of illegal aliens.

PROBLEM: The Obama administration is bending over backward to protect illegal aliens. It's a kind of a sticky situation. You realize the majority of every piece of fruit and vegetable that you buy in the grocery store-was picked by illegal aliens. If you buy meat, over 70% of all farm factory workers-who endure long hours with below minimum wages with incredibly dangerous conditions (including horrific fumes of feces and urine so strong most have to wear gas masks)-the labor is done by illegal aliens. Most Americans are not willing to work picking fruit or work in feces establishments called farm factories.  Note illegal aliens tend to have many children on USA soil-each one of those children become automatic US citizens-and they grow up and compete in the more technological jobs: Not pick fruit.  


Note: California is going to start releasing 45,000 prisoners because of budget and over crowding, hence the tables have turned more bad guys on the streets than cops. Using chain gangs will help the prison budget considerably and prevent this.

Teach the ethics of work, bring back chain gangs to pay for their incarceration, and certainly will reduce prison/jail riots because they will be too tired from a hard day's work to cause trouble. It will make the prisons and jails safer, save the State/Federal government lots of money,   and reduce crime!  Also ensures affordable food on the table for EVERY AMERICAN!

The Inmates shackled and chained is for security.

Thank you.

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