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For at least the third time Matthew Platler is oppressing Latino families in Santa Barbara County by raising their rent before causing them to live in the midst of construction and then evicting them in order to rent to UCSB students at higher prices.

Recently at least thirteen eviction notices were issued to families and essential community members out of the twenty-three units at 781 Embarcadero Del Norte in Isla Vista, California. Some of the eviction victims had called that property home for almost seventeen years. Many work in the local businesses. Lorena Garcia shared her story with Prabhjot Singh of The Bottom Line saying, "When we were evicted, we were not given enough time to find another place to live and we ended up living out of a garage, where we are still staying. They would come to my home while I was at work and harass my husband, who has Alzheimer's. They would ask when we would give them the key and leave, even though we still had time left before we had to leave[...]It was a horrible situation, very inhumane."

However, those families and eviction victims are entitled to relocation assistance because of Santa Barbara County Ordinance 4444. Platler has been made aware of this and is still refusing to pay the money that he owes.

Stand up for justice and families of the Isla Vista community with UCSB's Asssociated Students Office of the External Vice President of Local Affairs by helping them get the money they deserve and ensuring that this doesn't happen again. The investment advisor has done this same thing in Santa Barbara last year and in 2011 on Picasso Road in Isla Vista, CA.

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