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Keep Denise Smith at Pennsylvania Avenue School #27


Denise Smith was approved to stay at School #27. It was through YOUR help and constant phone calls/emails, and by signing this petition that Mrs. Smith will remain in the school where she belongs. Thank you to all of you, and to the PTO in particular for their diligent work to keep Mrs. Smith where she should be! Please - no more signatures. We have achieved success.

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I just signed the following petition addressed to: Woodbridge Township Board of Education.

Keep Denise Smith at Pennsylvania Avenue School #27

Denise Smith has been principal at this community school for 20 years, and has been a model principal for our children. The stability she provides to both students and teachers has been immeasurable. In this time of change to the school with the ELL program, a disruption in leadership is not helpful or well timed. Our students want and need the consistency Mrs. Smith has provided. This decision was done without any input from, or consideration of the students at School 27 or their parents. The teachers were also not considered in this decision, and are not happy with the decision. Please reconsider this move and keep Denise O'Donaghue Smith at School #27.


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