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Twelve Years is Enough – Permanent Residence for Luis Now! No More Lives in Limbo... End Luis’ limbo! 

Luis Alberto Mata is a Convention Refugee, writer, researcher and human rights activist from Colombia. He has lived in and contributed to Canadian society since his arrival in 2002 and recognition as a Convention Refugee in 2003.

A loving father and husband, Luis has worked full time for many years, owns a home and is an active member of his church and many organizations dedicated to non-violence, social justice and human rights.

Unfortunately for Luis, his family and anyone concerned with the way our country treats refugees and those who struggle for justice, he has also been unjustly denied permanent residence and has lived in limbo for the past 12 years.

Luis has been a very patient man. He has properly followed every process and procedure to become a permanent resident. He has waited. And waited . . . and waited.

Twelve years is enough. Twelve years of insecure status, unnecessary hardships and political rights and freedoms denied are enough. Luis deserves permanent residence in Canada, now.

Only when granted permanent residence and placed on a pathway to citizenship will his rights as a refugee and human being be fully realized. Only then will he have the opportunity to become a fully integrated member of Canadian society. That he has been denied these rights is a national embarrassment and an intolerable injustice.

Luis has waited long enough.

You can help end this absurd and unjust situation. 

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