Petition letter against Apostle Johnson Suleiman by concerned Nigerians In Diaspora.

Petition letter against Apostle Johnson Suleiman by concerned Nigerians In Diaspora.

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Started by Maureen Badejo



Petition Letter Against Apostle Johnson Suleiman by Concerned Nigerians In Diaspora


The Ambassador,

USA Embassy in Nigeria,

UK Embassy in Nigeria,

EU Embassy in Nigeria

South Africa Embassy in Nigeria and others.

We write as concerned Nigerians in the diaspora, registered in the United Kingdom to fight all forms of religious abuses in our society – home and abroad.

Due to the prevailing allegations of promiscuity, sexual abuse of teenagers, attempted assassination threats on the whistleblowers, and performing fake miracle money alerts/prophecies leveled against the above-alleged Man of God. We have all these allegations in the entire media space circulating with proof that will be furnished to the necessary structures in the western countries. For example, we request that Apostle Johnson Suleiman be banned from entering South Africa for the upcoming crusade, which is coming between February 15th and 16th, 2022, and from coming to Western countries due to safeguarding issues. The concerned Nigerians in the diaspora demand that the above person clear his name before ever coming into the diaspora.


We trust the USA, UK, EU, and South Africa structure to support the fight against fake religious leaders and pastors like Apostle Suleiman, Pastor Shepard Bushirus, Pastor Omotosho, Alpha Lukau, and other televangelists masquerading themselves as men of God. Few of these fake men of God have run away or are in prison.

We have meticulously investigated and uncovered tremendous spiritual abuse by Apostle Johnson Suleiman of the Omega Fire Ministries in the diaspora.

Currently, we are struggling as concerned Nigerians with the resurgence of racism, xenophobia, and stereotyping. We have decided to take our destinies into our hands, fight injustice, and build a better reputation, especially for Nigerians in the diaspora. If our petitions are not given the immediate and necessary attention, we shall engage the services of our attorneys in the diaspora.

Attached to this petition is the comprehensive investigation report carried out by the concerned Nigerian in the diaspora.


2,027 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!