Let More People in Illinois Legally Use Medical Cannabis

I currently suffer from stage 4 endometriosis, and have been struggling with this disease for over 8 years! Being that there is currently no cure all they have in terms of treatment for us, are various platforms of pain management, many of which include the use of opiates. And while my particular issue is not with opiate dependency, it is with the fact that when using opiates for pain management, I and many of the women like me are unable to functionally work, take care of our families, or engage in many of the normal everyday tasks that many other people are able to complete effortlessly. We are looking to have the chronic pain associated with this disease added to the registry so that we can improve our quality of life, and have natural alternative to the Pharmaceuticals that often cause a myriad of other complications with long term use! Please add chronic pain associated with endometriosis to the marijuana registry for me and the millions of women like me who suffer greatly! Mostly in silence, and oftentimes alone!

Michelle Johnson, Chicago, IL, United States
4 years ago
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