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Petitioning Dept of Education & Skills Minister Ruairi Quinn TD and 4 others

Stop! All Funds Going To All State Funded Groups Who Have Failed To Represent The Survivors Of Ireland's Industrial Schools.

Those so called support groups are Receiving massive funds from the Church and State/Public and any body that will give them Money, they are claiming to be helping and supporting survivors of irelands industrail schools and their families, but this is not the case, the funds are not going to the survivors the staff of the groups are keeping the money for them selfs and the survivors get nothing! Please help us stop them!

Letter to
Dept of Education & Skills Minister Ruairi Quinn TD
Dept Social Protection Minister Joan Burton TD
Dept Health Minister James Reilly
and 2 others
Hse Ms. Joanne White
Lenster House All members of The Oireachtas
Those Groups are Misrepresenting Survivors of Ireland's Industrial School's, (Those Called Support Group) are using Survivors Funds for their (Own Gain) Survivors are getting (Nothing) only been further (Abused) and shut off! Also, more and more Survivors have come forward and have asked for the Statutory Trust Fund to be reversed and the Monument, as our opinion was not asked on what we want, those so called support groups have never represented us Survivors, those groups have (No Membership they are frauds)

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