Petition for the Connecticut Government to take action on reducing fossil fuels.

Petition for the Connecticut Government to take action on reducing fossil fuels.

March 1, 2022
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Why this petition matters

CREATED BY EARTHRISE YOUTH- an organization that combines different high school students across the Fairfield County to make meaningful sustainable action for the environment. 

On the 28th of February the United Nations released the Climate Report of 2022 that should startle our world on the severity of the danger our earth is in due to the continuation of releasing fossil fuels in the atmosphere. The report states that we are, if not already past, at the tipping point of irreversible destruction on our planet's equilibrium due to the rise in temperature. This calls for immediate action across all governmental statues, pushing for a dramatic reduction in fossil fuel consumption. This petition is a way for our voices in Connecticut to express this severity. 



The undersigned request that Connecticut DEEP include the following in the next Comprehensive Energy Strategy (CES): 

1. Focus on the barriers to weatherizing and improving the energy efficiency of the state’s housing stock. Robust, consistent, and sustainable funding should be identified to support the state’s Weatherization Barrier Remediation Program.

2. Establish a deliberate and concrete plan to transition from fossil fuels to Renewable Thermal Technologies (increasingly cost-effective!) in space heating for the building sector by 2050. Connecticut must also ensure that fossil fuels in use during the transition produce the least amount of pollution possible by adopting and enforcing stringent emissions standards for fuels and stringent efficiency standards for appliances.

3. Prioritize expanding the development of microgrids using clean distributed energy resources like solar.

4. Provide for more affordable and efficient heating and cooling for residents and businesses 

5. Achieve reductions in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from residential and commercial buildings and industrial facilities to enable the state to meet economy-wide GHG reduction targets for 2030 and 2050 established in Global Warming Solutions Act 

6. Identify strategies to improve resilience of energy systems to extreme weather events, fuel commodity price spikes, and other disruptions 

7. Update and expand the Electric Vehicle Roadmap to make it easier and less expensive for consumers to transition away from fossil fuel automobiles

8. Update the Integrated Resources Plan to reflect the importance of climate change action across the energy sector.


Thank you for signing- this is how we make real change! 

“Climate resilient development is enabled when governments, civil society and the private sector make inclusive development choices that prioritize risk reduction, equity and justice, and when decision-making processes, finance and actions are integrated across governance levels, sectors and timeframes.”- United Nation 

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Signatures: 297Next Goal: 500
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