Petition for Safe Crossing at Heritage Farm Park and Glade Elementary School

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We NEED to have access to a SAFE crosswalk between Heritage Farm Park (HFP) and Glade Elementary School (GES). We NEED to protect our families.

On May 9th, 2018, a large group of people was nearly plowed down by a car while crossing the street to GES from HFP. What was a Mother's Day Celebration at the school nearly ended in the loss of those mother's lives. And not just once, but TWICE in the same morning because when a large truck did stop for pedestrian traffic, an impatient car cruised around the truck and again almost collided with pedestrians. This can't happen again.

GES is located across Devilbiss Bridge Road from HFP in Walkersville, MD and has 700 students (550 families) enrolled. Every time the school hosts family activities, numbering more than a dozen per year including concerts, conferences, and celebrations, the families must park their cars at HFP due to limited parking at the school. GES also utilizes HFP for outdoor classroom experiences and excursions. In these situations, our young families and children walk across the road to and from GES and HFP. 

Additionally, HFP is home to GVAA Athletics and is frequented by patrons from Walkersville and far beyond for sports year round. There are also lots of walkers, runners, and bikers from nearby neighborhoods that use the park trails every single day.

The speed limit on Devilbiss Bridge Road is 40MPH and drivers are often speeding above the posted speed limit AND there is a bend in the road in both directions such that visibility is affected at those speeds. There is a marked crosswalk but it is often ignored because it is not at an intersection but located on a stretch of a road with a speed limit of 40MPH.

Interestingly, there is a school "zone" sign down the road from GES yet the speed limit does not reflect this, and it is so far down the road that you can barely see the roof of the school from it's location. A little further down from this sign the speed limit decreases to 30MPH.

A year ago a teenager was hit by a car and died while skating along this road near the crosswalk. And recently during our school’s Mother’s Day Celebration there were additional incidents that could have ended very badly.

What can we do? The street signage is antiquated and does not reflect the current population and the increased usage of the road, HFP, and GES. We are asking for safe crossing between GES and HFP including, but not limited to, the following changes: reduced speed limit in this school zone, street lights, speed bumps, and a more clearly marked crosswalk. This is a County Road and we need the County to work with our Town of Walkersville to make these changes.

How can you help? Please sign this petition to show you share our concerns.

Additionally, please email our City Council board members:

AND call City Hall: 301-845-4500 

AND email the school transportation contact:

AND County Council District 5 Representative Kirby Delauter:

AND County Executive Jan Gardner:

AND voice your concerns.

Something needs to be done. Safety should receive priority over a few minutes of commute time. Please help us keep our families safe.

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