Petition for rights for female flight attendants to wear comfortable shoes

Petition for rights for female flight attendants to wear comfortable shoes

5 June 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Caroline Brown

Petition for rights for female flight attendants to wear comfortable shoes and clothing on Ryanair aircraft 


I appreciate the need to look professional in the job but some traditions for airline uniform seem to  not be supporting the employees in their hosting work on airline flights. 

Recently coming back from holiday on a Ryanair flight I noticed the female air-stewart was not walking comfortably in her shoes. I overheard her say to her colleague that her feet were so sore first shift back.

I showed some concern and made some suggestions. 

When I asked if she could wear compression tights, she said they don’t wash well and rip more easily and she has to pay for her own tights so this could be costly with one pair every shift.

When I suggested insoles or larger shoes she said that it was the heels that were killing her feet. 

She said they are allowed to wear a lower heel on board but women have to wear higher heels in the airport.

Unlike their male counterparts,  females can get a disciplinary for not wearing make up or high heel shoes.

With sometimes an hour to come off standby into work, female staff are required to be in full make up, tights, skirt, shirt and earrings. This can be hard to achieve in an hour. 

If they have to be presentable why not give the option of flat shoes and tailored trousers as an alternative just like their male colleagues. 

Why in a world where we are moving towards equality are women being treated as unequal in the airline industry? 

In a job that requires you to be on your feet serving hot drinks surely flat protective shoes would be the uniform best suited should there be a spill of a hot drink or flask of hot water.

Traditional high heels are not only uncomfortable, they are also not supporting the safety of female airline staff. 

It is far more easy to trip in heels than in flat shoes and with exposed feet it is far more easy to suffer a burn should hot water spill. 

The uniform code also demonstrates that there is one HR rule for male employees and another for women. This rule makes them tired, sore and unprotected in their line of work.

In the words of this particular female air-steward ‘surely flat shoes are also better in an emergency as one of the instructions is to remove heels before going down inflatable slides’.

As a customer I want the airline staff to be focussed on the emergency and not on removing their shoes. I also want them to feel comfortable in their job when serving my hot coffee. 

Presentable yes but with comfort and safety as key criteria in uniform design.

Altitude causes inflammation resulting in swollen feet crammed into heels - wearing heels when working on board is no doubt not the best choice for many reasons. 


Michael O’Leary - we petition you to offer your female employees the option of flat shoes like their male counterparts and ensure your staff are protected and comfortable doing their job. 


We also suggest you offer the choice of tailored trousers as a more comfortable option. 


Please show us you can be empathetic and support the safety of your staff when setting guidelines for their dress on board and remove disciplinary action should they not adhere to wearing make up and high heels on board Ryanair flights. 


Your customers will thank you and your staff will thank you.


Thank you for taking the time to read and sign and act on this petition. 

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Signatures: 63Next Goal: 100
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