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Address Level IV AAP Within FCPS Region 3

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FCPS is divided into five regions, the first four of which comprise five discrete high school (“HS”) pyramids, with the fifth region accounting for four HS pyramids. Region 3 (Edison, Hayfield, Mt. Vernon, Lee, West Potomac HS Pyramids) is the ONLY region in which TWO full HS pyramids lack an AAP center entirely.

Region 3 encompasses an extremely diverse population with respect to ethnicity, income, military transience, and English proficiency—groups traditionally underrepresented in FCPS leadership and community advocacy.

Edison HS pyramid includes 7 ES, 0 AAP centers in pyramid, and all 7 ES funnel into 1 AAP ES. FCPS median AAP ES per pyramid: 2

Hayfield Pyramid includes 5 ES, which feed into 3 different AAP centers.

Region 3 has three AAP center ES (two of which are exclusive to their HS pyramid); the other four regions have 7, 8, 8, and 9 AAP ES

Springfield Estates ES (“SEES”), the AAP center school, for three of Region 3’s five HS Pyramids[1] draws from FOURTEEN different elementary schools. The mean and median across the county approximates 4-5 schools pooling into one AAP center ES. Fourteen elementary schools, most of which experience year-after-year growth in the exodus of students to the AAP center school, which currently has 4-5 AAP classes at each grade level.

The AAP Level IV program at SEES is over-saturated—the preceding two years have set enrollment records. The AAP class sizes exceed base-school comparatives. Sibling placement can no longer be accommodated. Appellate placements continue to rise. Over-saturation threatens county-wide diversity and inclusion efforts and further exacerbates the soft-money and volunteer resources divide among FCPS schools—an unintended consequence that deeply impacts the socio-emotional and academic support available to ALL students.

We, the undersigned, FCPS community members, seek redress to promote AAP classrooms within every high school pyramid, and restructure AAP enrollment within Region 3 (given that SEES pulls students from FOURTEEN neighborhood schools across THREE high school pyramids—unheard of in ANY other region or pyramid in FCPS), and to support FCPS initiatives toward diversity and inclusion, soft-money resource allocation, and "whole child" focus on socio-emotional student wellness through nurturing neighborhood schools within established communities.

[1] Mt Vernon HS Pyramid and West Potomac HS Pyramid each have their own AAP center school, Riverside and Stratford Landing, respectively.

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