Petition for Monitoring of Equal Pay and Wages for Women in the Workplace

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Petition for Monitoring of Equal Pay and Wages for Women in the Workplace

           An academic journal article reports that in 2015, The Gap Inc., Walsh Construction Co.,  and  Sullivan, Bruyette, Speros & Blayney hired outside firms to look into the pay and wages of the men and women employees to ensure that there were no discrepancies between the pay and wages of the two genders. Fortunately, none were reported. However, the wage gap between the genders still currently exists. The AAUW reports that a majority of employed women in the U.S. are earning about 80 cents to every dollar that men working the same jobs make, and this difference is even greater when concerning mothers and women of color.  

           According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, women will not receive equal pay until the year 2059 if the gap continues to close at the almost stagnate rate it is now. That means wages of men and women will not be the same for another 42 years if this trend continues. But, if companies were to allow firms and investigators to come into their businesses and compare the pay and wages between their male and female workers, the gender wage gap could close at a much faster rate. Having outside firms do the research ensures that the research is completely unbiased and is conducted with the intention to seal the gap within each corporation, which will aid in the decrease of the overall gender wage gap.

         We petition that companies and corporations be required to open their doors to outside firms and investigators that will thoroughly research pay and wages with the goal of ensuring that there is no gap between the wages of the female and male employees. We believe that these measures will be a greatly beneficial and progressive step towards permanently closing the gender wage gap and furthering gender equality.

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