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Petition for Miles Webb to play Miles Morales in Spider-Man Homecoming 2

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I am Miles Webb. I'm an aspiring actor and college student who would love to play the role of Miles Morales in the next Spider-Man Homecoming. As a fan and actor both, I would give anything to portray an African American Spider-Man. I think I embody Miles Morales for many reasons besides the fact that my name is also Miles. 
Fans loved Homecoming and are now hoping and praying that Morales actually makes an appearance in the next film. Fans of African-American descent are already elated and ecstatic for the Black Panther and already plan to support the movie and it's merchandise 110%. Now imagine the support if there was both a black and white Spider-Man in one film.
A role like this could change my life and career drastically. I could afford to pay for me and my little sisters college tuitions. I could buy us both our first cars. I could cover my Vietnam veteran grandfathers hospital bills, etc.
It would be an honor to appear in a Marvel movie along side an actor as great as Tom Holland. Tom auditioned for Spiderman 8 times total, I'm willing to audition 9 times if given the chance.
All I'm asking for is at least an audition. Thank you for your time and for reading this. Have a good day and stay safe.

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