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LoveLive! Aqours Concerts Live-Viewings in Singapore

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Dear All,


Executive Summary

This petition is written with regard to the combined desire, hopes and wishes of the Love Live community in Singapore to have the opportunity to take part in a Live Viewing or a Delayed Live Viewing for the Aqours Love Live! concerts. It serves to notify ODEX Singapore and GV Cinemas of the efforts the community in Singapore is willing to undertake in order to assist ODEX and GV Cinemas to secure the licenses such that they can work with their partners to bring future Live Viewings to Singapore.


What this petition sets out to accomplish is to demonstrate the amount of interest that fans of Love Live in Singapore has in a Live or a Delayed Viewing of such concerts.



Singapore has hosted Live Viewings from 2014 to 2017, with simulcasts of the Love Live concerts from Japan straight to cinemas with the aid of satellite technology. This gives Love Live fans the opportunity to experience being part of the concert at an affordable price, as it eliminates the need to travel to Japan and forking out a large sum to participate in lotteries to secure a seat at the Live or Japanese Live Viewings.

For the Aqours 2nd Love Live! HAPPY PARTY TRAIN Tour, Singapore was able to have the opportunity to participate in the concert with fellow fans in Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong as one of the licensors, GV Cinemas, was able to secure the rights for a Live Viewing in Singapore.

At the same time, the other licensor ODEX, failed in it's attempts to obtain a live-viewing which was announced earlier, creating some confusion within the community.

However, we, the fans are still very thankful for both parties for being willing to take the chance to host a Live-Viewing in Singapore.

For your efforts, we are eternally thankful.


However, we would like to reassure and inform ODEX and GV Cinemas that the community understands the difficulty ODEX and GV Cinemas faces in the pursuit of a license.

A letter of appeal was sent to ODEX prior to the announcement, and we thank you for your kind reply and willingness to work with us.

After the announcement of GV Cinemas, we have decided to include GV Cinemas as part of our decision makers



We would like to take this opportunity to list a few requirements for the signees of this petition. They are as follows:

1) By signing this petition, the signee implies that they are a part of the Love Live! Community based in Singapore, or is in close enough proximity to be considered as such.

2) By signing this petition, the signee implies that they are willing and able to attend a Live Viewing should one be held in Singapore, unless they specify otherwise.

3) By signing this petition, the signee implies that they are willing to receive emails as part of updates from this petition. They are thus also willing to be included as part of the numbers recorded that will be given to the licensor, ODEX and GV Cinemas, as part of our outreach efforts.

4) By signing this petition, the signee acknowledges that this petition serves only as a declaration of interest, and that in no way is the creator of the petition nor the organization guaranteeing or confirming that a Live Viewing or Delayed Live Viewing will take place unless the licensor provides official confirmation.

5) By signing this petition, the signee acknowledges that the creator of the petition will actively monitor the petition and update the licensor on any updates, changes and/or gatherings (in social media or otherwise) that might take place.

6) By signing this petition, the signee acknowledges that the creator of the petition will not use any information collected (emails) in any way beyond the scope of this petition.


Additional Comments

Lastly, we would like to raise a few issues that would affect the success of the petition that both plague the fandom and put additional burden on the licensor.

Do please understand the consequences of piracy and leaks, and the implications they would have on the fandom.

Besides its illegality, distribution of photos and footage from Live-Viewings will only hurt the position of this petition. It would also hurt the licensor both in terms of possible fines and breaches of contracts, and the erosion of credibility of the licensor in the eyes of the Love Live! staff. This includes the unauthorized release of information prior to the official announcements.

Hence, the creator and the community wish to provide another reminder of our stance on piracy and leaks:

We would like to stress once again that the creator and the community will not condone such actions, and we will report any offenders to the relevant authorities.

By signing this petition, you hereby acknowledge this, and if you do flout both the rules and the law, we will not hesitate to take action against you.


We would like to close the petition by thanking everyone for reading thus far. We hope that fans of Love Live! in Singapore will continue to support the licensor and official merchandise of Love Live! as we begin our campaign of rallying for ODEX and GV Cinemas to continue to fight for the license to air Live Viewings in Singapore.

We hope that this petition has showcased our interest to ODEX Singapore and GV Cinemas and hope that it would aids them in their negotiations with the Love Live! staff.

For fans in other countries that wishes to use the same template, please do leave a message and I'll reply you accordingly. 


Though it would serve not much purpose, it would at least show the amount of Love Live Fans willing to go for a Live viewing. Please help sign this petition and hopefully it will help in securing future live viewing for Love Live Sunshine and other series.


On behalf of the Love Live! community in Singapore,

Warmest regards,

LoveLive! Live Viewings

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