Petition for legal action against Sanjeev Tangri

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In the fight against Covid-19, where every nation around the globe is under lockdown, the health care fraternity is on the frontline working 24X7 to cure the patients of coronavirus.

Even the shortage of personal protective equipment has not stopped the medical staff to serve the patients. But what really is getting in our way are the people like Sanjeev Tangri, husband of Neetu Tangri, counsellor ward-53, Amritsar.

Instead of cooperating with doctors & healthcare workers and supporting them, the councillor Sanjeev Tangri is spreading a false rumour about the medical staff of Amandeep Hospital in Amritsar, that they are infected with the coronavirus whereas the matter of fact is; they are absolutely healthy.

The rumours have made the lives of our medical staff miserable. The councillor's husband didn't stop here he further sealed private parking of Amandeep’s medical staff and hostel facility for the female staff, he also locked the lane of the girl’s hostel. The claim that the parking area is illegal is absolutely false, and our medical team has used it for the past four years, and it is legal but “not for public use”. It is unfortunate how this man has allegedly misused his power and blocked the passage of our health-aid workers, causing them terrible inconvenience.

Doctors are risking their lives for serving the people and in return, what are we getting is harassment, suffering, and an unreasonable inconvenience.

The medical fraternity is not working on getting an applaud or recognition but for the sincerity and loyalty towards their field.

We all urge the authorities and administration to take strict action against this “rowdy Sanjeev Tangri" who has no shame or fear in openly challenging us for not letting our workers commute by restricting them in the parking area.

If such harassment continues, the day is not far when people of India will find no medical assistance.

To our honourable Prime minister, Shri Narendra Modi and our honourable Chief Minister of Punjab, Capt. Amarinder Singh, we would like to seek justice for the unbearable suffering our medical staff is going through.

We urge the authorities to file an FIR and take strict action against Sanjeev Tangri for his absurd rumours that are no less than a criminal offence in the Covid-19 period.