Petition for KDF's Disaster Response Unit to #RecoverTomOkwach.

Petition for KDF's Disaster Response Unit to #RecoverTomOkwach.

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Raila Amolo Ondinga and

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Started by Oliver Makonjio

The story of Tom Okwach is a true indication that the people in elective positions in this country don't care about you and your woes. 

Tom was buried in a cave and was alive for 14 days hoping that he would be rescued by the local authorities from Abimbo and Siaya County Government, if not the well celebrated KDF Disaster Response unit soldiers. Hope died with him.

He died from starvation and dehydration after 14 days. It's now 35 days and the family is still camping at the mine hoping for the government to mobilise a recovery mission.

Abimbo gold mine in Bondo is where Gideon Ochanda Ogolla is the area MP. Bondo is in Siaya county where, Cornel Rasanga Amoth is the governor and our favourite legal mind, James Orengo is the Senator. Governor Rasanga blames the national government for not acting swiftly by sending rescuers in Abimbo alleging that they needed more sophisticated equipment. FYI, the national government is led by yours truly President Uhuru Kenyatta, whose favourite buddy right now is Rt. Raila Odinga and no word from them and no effort from any business community or NGO including Amnesty International, Kenya National Human Rights Commission or even your favourite Hustler King, the Deputy President, Wiliam Samoei Ruto.

They are busy campaigning and mud-slinging while a distraught family is selling their land to buy fuel for the excavators to retrieve their departed beloved. And they will come to ask for your votes saying they have your interest at heart. They know what you want. They are there for you. Uwongo mtupu. Uko pekee yako.

Please sign this petition and share it to keep the Government of Kenya under pressure to do the right thing, which in this case is to #RecoverTomOkwach.


12 have signed. Let’s get to 25!