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Hello my name is Diego Del Toro, and I am the creator of Duelizm; A story about the goddess of evil and the goddess of good facing off to see who can influence the most beings and have their represented side consume everything in existence.

The idea for the project happened when I had a dream of two girls chasing each other through the city, using their powers to harm/help others. The dream happened on September, 2016.  

The project didn't start to materialize until Feb 13, 2017 when I got creative on a video game emblem editor in which the first concept art for the characters was made.

The main concept for the entire character design was developed by me, but most of the art has been possible with the help of artists I have found on DeviantArt. Most of the details in the characters has been overhauled compared to original design, but the final concept of Deviyla and Goddyia has been achieved. 

This petition was made for the purpose to gather all liked-minded people who love anime, female protagonists, action, adventure, evil, good, natural disasters, thick/sexy girls, omnipotence, and interesting characters.

One of the main reasons I created Duelizm was to end the fanboy wars of who is the most powerful character.I decided why not have the two strongest beings be apart of the same universe and fight each other, but with intense rules to really make the conflict surprising. The First Being (the architect of the Duel between the two main characters) is of course the only one above Deviyla and Goddyia.