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Petitioning Tennessee Bureau of Investigations Director Mark Gwyn and 2 others

"Petition for Full Investigation and Justice for K9 Police Dog Officer Yoris

'This is a petition requesting a full investigation of circumstances leading to fatal injury and justice for deceased Police Dog Yoris, of Elizabethton Police Dept,Tennessee.'

Here is a  picture of K9 Officer Yoris

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Letter to
Tennessee Bureau of Investigations Director Mark Gwyn
District Attorney General(Tennessee) Honorable Tony Clark
District Court United States District Judge J. Ronnie Greer
On Saturday the 6th, February, 2010; Elizabethton Police Department Police Dog, Yoris was involved in an incident with 5 older teenage boys. Police Dog Yoris sustained numerous injuries including multiple stabbing wounds so severe he was humanely euthanized the following day, Sunday 7th February.
A number of discrepancies have come about in relation to differing versions of what actually happened between Police Dog Yoris and the teenage boys involved. Their statements are not corroborating with the statement of an eye-witness, nor in accordance with the temperament and training of Police Dog Yoris as stated by his K9 Police Officer & partner, Shane Darling. Questions have arisen as to what exactly happened between the boys and Police Dog Yoris that brought about the ultimate demise of an active and reputable police dog who had been performing his duties in a highly exemplary manner when out in the field; why these boys were trespassing on the property at Elizabethton Airport; why they were carrying knives and why at least one then fled the scene.
Hence, we the undersigned request that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations complete a full and thorough investigation into this incident that resulted in a highly regarded Police Dog being injured in such a way that it resulted in his death.
Further to the above-mentioned request, should it be shown that the boys did not in fact act out of self-defence as they so claim, but instead carried out a malicious, aggravated act of animal cruelty and/or an un-provoked attack upon Police Dog Yoris; we, the undersigned also demand full justice be administered in the appropriate court of law."

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