Petition Update

Day 3.

Brett Howard
Middletown, OH

Oct 6, 2012 — Hello again, and thank you to everyone who has signed. It's been three days since I created this petition and I am amazed at how much support it has garnered thus far. II got a message from a local television news reporter, and she is forwarding my story on to the news director. Hopefully they will actually do a story on this. I want the world to know that this could happen to anyone. I know it's a (very) longshot, but maybe this can help to bring about some sort of change in the way things are done. Like I said before, the only thing that I have ever been towards my sons is a loving, caring, and gentle father. I'm a good parent! I don't want to sound like I'm bragging, but it's the truth. I love my sons with all of my heart, and would never do anything to harm them. I don't even swear around them. This whole situation is so un-necessary. Please help me resolve this by signing the petition, and sharing it with your friends. The more people who are aware of this the better