Petition for Change in South Kamloops' Cafeteria

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Sign this petition if you agree that food services at SKSS should not be provided by a private corporation for profit, but that healthy food should be served by a teacher taught culinary arts program.

The cafeteria and food situation of South Kamloops Secondary School (SKSS) and many schools similar to it are serving hungry school children who often have no other choice but to spend more of their, or their parents money, and they have only one option, our privitized cafeteria services. Another concern that we have is the sugary, salty and fatty foods that most students are drawn to consume. To address this, we hope to make the administration of the school aware of a possible alternative. A food program run by the school, where the students would be instructed by cooking teachers each day. To accompany this program we could potentially include a FoodSafe course built into it and call it “Intro to Culinary Arts”.

What would “Intro to Culinary Arts” look like?

If you completed the course successfully, it would be another accomplishment to put on your resume that restaurants could look for. The course could be implemented into our normal block rotation. The first block would be tasked with baking, second would finish the baking (taking things out of oven and cleaning tools) and start prepping ingredients for the following block. Third block would cook the meals, plate them and help sell them throughout lunch. Finally, the fourth block would clean everything up, wash everything and sometimes prep baking that must sit in the fridge overnight. To help sell the food, this program could employ an adult who is trained on a cash register. The program would pay for the parents/ cashiers labour and the extra money would go back into the program for upgrades and ingredients. Also, the third block each day would receive a free meal as a reward for their hard work. This would be an extra little incentive to make the food with as much care possible. Teachers at South Kamloops Secondary have said multiple times that they enjoyed the previous system that South Kamloops had in place for food services. For this reasoning we believe that change can be implemented.